About Us

End to End Biologics Solution

Our company is uniquely positioned with a multi-facetted experience team in biologics and biosimilars. BioSciencesCorp and its affiliates have the speed of small company with a depth of biologics experience from molecule selection to full commercialization.

We can help at every stage of development with hands on expertise and the goal to transition know-how to our clients. Please see our list of services that we can provide you. For more information please contact us.

We have deep expertise with real life experience to help your organization with the initial concept, modeling capacity and schedule, selection of engineering firms, implementing quality by design concept from the very beginning.

Robert Salcedo

President and Founder at Biosimilars Solutions and BioScienceCorp

Biosimilars Solutions and BioSciences Corp  Cornell University

Napa, California 

Robert brings over25 years of experience in biotechnology, combined with expertise in solid dose manufacturing, form fill seal and fill finish. This experience has allowed him to have leadership positions in Genentech, Amgen, Mylan and most recently as president of private biosimilar company. He is considered an expert in biosimilar development and commercialization. He is an prolific writer and often posts executive level briefings through his LinkedIn profile where he has written numerous articles on different elements of biosimilar and manufacturing optimization. The following highlights some areas of his expertise:

  • Leading executive team and cultural transformation
  • Managing large technical organizations in the pharmaceutical Industry
  • Development biosimilar strategy
  • Managing FDA and EMEA negotiations
  • Leading organizations out of regulatory troubles
  • Development and implementation of manufacturing strategies from concept to approval
  • Leading large manufacturing and process development organizations
  • Design, construction, commissioning, validation and approval for large solids, biotech and biosimilar companies


Daniel Chang

Executive Director and Founder at BioSimilar Solutions and BioSciences Corp

BioSimilars Solutions and BioSciences Corp  Golden Gate University

San Francisco Bay Area 

Over 25 years of experience in biotechnology, biosmilars, program management office, financial operations and consumer retail. Daniel comes with deep understanding and is uniquely qualified for both financial and technical biologic matters. He has used his expertise as a CPA, along his pharmaceutical background with companies like Amgen and Genentech. His program management expertise coupled with his manufacturing efficiency expertise, enables him to work on projects from conceptual to full commercialization. Some highlights of his areas of expertise include:

  • Direction and oversight of the program management office including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities
  • Support for construction planning, scheduling and cost control; monitoring of project costs, revenue, development, progress and earned value
  • Strategic management approach in planning, supervising, and coordinating activities in relation to the operation, maintenance, construction, and functionality of facility
  • Expertise at providing and driving initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness and achieve operational objectives
  • Strong leadership in overseeing personnel responsible for construction, maintenance, and custodial services
  • Planning, direction, and management of facility operational and budgetary activities; facilities management, security, distribution services and facilities design/construction
  • Formulation of future direction and support for tactical initiatives
  • Development of financial and tax strategies